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Responsibilities, Regulations, and Conditions for At - counter service Retailer :
CAT not only offers NGOs a chance to be ISPs, it also allows ISPs to let their representatives give internet service to users under conditions and details of being an internet representative as follows :
1. At-Counter Service Retailer
2. Resale Retailer
3. Marketing Retailer
1. At-Counter Service Retailer
At-Counter Service Retailer is a service for internet users who need outdoor internet service in short or regular time. Outdoor internet users can come and use the service at any service center of the retailers such as cybercafes, computer schools, or offices. They can have their own mail box as well.
1.1. Responsibilities, Regulations, and Conditions for At - counter service Retailer
     - To present internet business plan (investment, service, budget, and marketing
plan) to their ISP.
     - A retailer is responsible for investment and maintenance of his own equipment
andcommunication network installation and making his own personal business plan.
     - Hand a monthly outcome report to his ISP, and also report improvement of his new
service creation to attract more customer.
     - Improve marketing and service plan to attract more customers and keep old customers.
     - Provide new different promotion.
     - Bring new technology to develop better quality of service and reduce congestion in
the internet traffics.
     - When a retailer is assigned, ISP must inform CAT within 15 days after signing a contract.
     - A retailer must pay fee to his ISP as an individual customer or juristic person.
1.2. Prohibition for At - counter service retailer
     - A retailer is not allowed to directly connect to foreign internet link.
     - A retailer is not allowed to have a circuit connected to Internet exchange of CAT
     - A retailer can not create any contract with sub-retailer.
     - A retailer must be responsible for not doing anything out of agreed contract.
He must not give internet service for any abusive purpose such as setting up modem bank for his users, connecting further lines to other juristic person, linking another subnetwork from retailer service point to other place, opening any branch without permission or using other account outside retailer service center.
     - Each retailer can not open further branch or provide other kind of internet service
without permission from ISP and CAT.
2. Resale Retailer
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